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Package Name My Version Watch Status
aptly 1.4.0-0utopia1~deb10u1✔️ up to date
upstream: 1.4.0
ddclient 3.9.0-0utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 3.9.0
ffmpy 0.2.2~git20161229~27b7428-0utopia2🤷 watch file not found
fileinsight 0.3.1-0utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 0.3.1
gimp 2.10.10-0utopia1💡 newer package available
upstream: 2.10.12
hopm 1.1.6-0utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 1.1.6
lxde-common 0.99.2-3utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 0.99.2
materia-kde 20190707-0utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 20190707
numix-frost-light-theme 3.6.6-light-0utopia1🤷 watch file not found
numix-frost-theme 3.6.6+git14~e9d2507-0utopia1🤷 watch file not found
numix-icon-theme 0~20190310~g88ba365-0utopia1💡 newer package available
upstream: 0~20190920
numix-icon-theme-square 19.05.07-0utopia1💡 newer package available
upstream: 19.09.20
paper-icon-theme 1.5.0-0utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 1.5.0
sharelinkcreator 0~git20180602~09216344-0utopia1🤷 watch file not found
vertex-theme 20180519-0utopia1✔️ up to date
upstream: 20180519
zuki-themes 3.32-1-0utopia1💡 newer package available
upstream: 3.34-1